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Flasheee version 2.2

So you want to join Flasheee do you?

Well first you have to place with image on your site linking to Flasheee


Just copy and past it if your site has a basic online editor which is supplied with companies like "Freewebs" or "Yahoo Geocites".

Or if you made/can edit your site in HTML then all you need to do is copy this code and paste it where you want the link to show up.

1Remember than when you join you will have to have the link show on as many pages as you can as your link will be on all pages under Flasheee.com/v2

2Also Flasheee does not accept affiliates from site that promote hacking, piracy, porn, spam or other such activites.

3Also make sure your site isn't plastered with adverts. Flasheee show no adverts and we want our users never to see adverts again.

Once you have everything in place and are ready to join, send an email to with just the URL to your site and to your 88*31 px image.

Then we'll do the rest.

Thanks for joining!

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